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US West Coast: A Major Hub for Consumer Products Goods Distribution from Asia

The United States is the largest consumer market in the world with nearly 25% living in the western region. The ports of Los Angeles / Long Beach and Oakland California are major gateway hubs for consumer products distribution from Asia to the entire country – and within days to this major west coast US market.

West Coast 3PLs: DCA Warehouse Logistics Locations & Services

And there’s no better logistics partner for consumer products goods (CPG) distribution than the market leading third party logistics providers (3PLs) of Team DCA. Our member 3PLs along the US West coast serve the extended supply chains of Fortune 500 Food & Beverage, CPG, medical/pharma, retail brands and industrial manufacturing from strategic locations within minutes of the major US port and rail infrastructure.

For major customers leveraging West Coast ports for efficient distribution and order fulfillment to these populations, Team DCA member companies routinely provide the full array of outsourced supply chain management support from taking the initial order on behalf of customer companies, to receiving or picking the materials from inventory, packaging and labeling cost effectively to custom order, managing shipping, distribution or order fulfillment to retail chains, manufacturing or direct to consumer, and providing needed visibility and tracking all along the way.

Team DCA member companies offer a choice of asset-based or asset-light fleet services, some operating their own trucks, depots and facilities and all managing strong, long-term relationships with leading national and regional parcel and heavier weight carriers. We negotiate rates with common carriers to ensure top caliber nationwide coverage.

Count on DCA for a full menu of transportation and warehouse logistics services in every major metropolitan and regional market in the USA. We offer you a choice vital in today’s fast-changing and dynamic consumer markets: tight control, strong local relationships and the agile response enabled by family ownership and ‘can do’ company culture.

Our 3 West Coast 3PLs Provide Warehouse & Transportation Services Including:

  • Dry/Heated/Temp Controlled/Refrigerated Warehouse Space
  • Food Grade Facilities, AIB Approved, Organic Certified
  • Value-Added Logistics Services
  • Labeling, Customized Packaging Services
  • 24/7 Security
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Central Station Fire Alarm
  • Rail Sidings
  • Asset-Light or Asset-Based Transportation Services
  • 24/7 Shipment Tracking Visibility and Remote Access
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