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eCommerce Logistics / Fulfillment Services

Your Customers’ Retail Markets Are Transforming

The nature of global business is transforming. Custom configured products move quickly through supply chains transforming to enable prompt delivery when and as ordered. Manufacturing lead times are shorter. Delivery response, returns management and customer satisfaction is increasingly shifting to local and regional markets closest to customers.

Consumers expect smooth order, delivery, payment and satisfaction of expectations when they order online. They expect instantaneous response to concerns, immediate delivery of orders and inventory management practices that enable satisfaction of expectations created by online promise, in-store purchase or email promotion.

DCA Responds to Omnichannel eCommerce Demands

As your customers demand more in this increasingly ‘omnichannel’ retail space, and your sales channels transform to include a heavy percentage of online revenues – Team DCA is responding.

DCA member companies offer a spectrum of eCommerce support services from direct sales order taking in some markets to customized packaging and order fulfillment services in others. Count on Team DCA for state-of-the-science systems and state-of-the-art business savvy and experience you can rely on. Together with your team, we collaboratively redefine, scale and grow with your business as it transforms.

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