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Holman Logistics

Regional Spotlights – Pacific Northwest

Brien Downie is the President of Holman Logistics, a third-party logistics company based in Kent, Washington, serving B2B and B2C customers throughout the US. Holman was founded during the American Civil War and has been in continuous operation for over 159 years. We asked Brien about longevity in the logistics industry and what it takes to not just survive but thrive for well over a…


Midwest Spotlight: Ryder Systems Inc.

Opportunities abound for Distribution Centers of America (DCA) member companies heading into 2023. While there are challenges present and the economy is slowing down a bit, we are still fielding many requests for multiclient warehouse services. The challenge with this is space, not only in the Midwest and Chicagoland area, but across the country too. The inquiries about space are coming from multiple verticals including…


Northern CA Logistics Spotlight from DCA

Regional Spotlight: Northern California Northern California is a hub of some of the best logistics infrastructure in the United States. Logically, it’s also a center of business and supply chain activity, directly or indirectly employing millions of people throughout California in supply chain management. And Northern California is a more important regional logistics hub than ever. Companies are looking for local warehousing beyond just the…


PRISM Logistics Spotlight

People, Innovation and Excellence PRISM Logistics has grown steadily to become the preferred warehouse and third-party logistics solution for companies in Northern California, the San Francisco Bay Area, California’s Central Valley and US West Coast.


PRISM Logistics Adds Warehouse in Lathrop, CA

PRISM Logistics continues its growth trajectory, this month adding 750,000 square feet of operating capacity in Lathrop, California. The Lathrop facility brings PRISM’s total Northern California warehousing capacity to 2.3 million square feet, strategically located for serving the SF Bay Area, Port of Oakland, Sacramento and with largest concentration in the growing Stockton/Lathrop Central Valley region, preferred by CPG companies as a distribution and fulfillment…


Introducing DCA’s New Regional GEO Series

The Distribution Centers of America, Team DCA, is a nationwide network of 'regional best' 3PLs, which together serve every major metropolitan market in the USA. Throughout 2022, we will look at trends, challenges and important happenings in each of the regional geographic (geo) markets served by Team DCA.


DCA Spotlights States Logistics

Logistics and supply chain management dominate media coverage in the United States. And most of it is bad news. Typically invisible, logistics management has become daily news of labor and capacity shortages in all aspects of the supply chain, from materials and parts to equipment, warehouses, trucks, and drivers. Southwestern US DCA member company, States Logistics, has emerged to lead the 3PL sector in responding to…

Palmer Logistics

DCA Spotlights Texas Region and Palmer Logistics

Business is exceptionally strong at present. Texas is a pro-business state and we continue to see manufacturing and service industries relocating to our state. This drives migration into the state resulting in construction and higher demand for goods, which results in exponential demand for distribution-related services. In addition to domestic demand, the Port of Houston provides an excellent alternative for both import and export goods.…


What Will 2022 Hold for the Logistics Industry?

Distribution Centers of America (Team DCA) president Mike Holland shares his perspective in the Dec 2021 DC Velocity issue just out (pg 68). Very likely more of what 2020 and 2021 brought us: unprecedented challenge and opportunity. These are challenging times and the member companies of Team DCA are up to the task.

Brett Mears

Palmer Logistics Joins DCA Bringing 3mil Sq ft Warehouse Capacity in Houston and Dallas, TX

Chicago, IL. - Distribution Centers of America (DCA) today announced that Palmer Logistics, headquartered in Houston, TX has joined the nationwide network of ‘regional best 3PLs’ effective January 1, 2022. Palmer operates 13 facilities in Houston, TX and Dallas, TX, providing more than 3 million square feet of warehouse capacity. Founded in the mid-1960s Palmer has become a leading service provider to the chemicals industry…

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