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Metropark Warehouse - warehousing spaceWarehousing Space – MetroPark Warehouses, LLC

6920 Executive Drive
Kansas City, MO 64120
(Kansas City, KS)

Management Team:
Robert Etchells, CEO

Phone: 816-231-0777

Over 1,890,000 sq. ft. of high-quality Kansas City, Missouri warehousing space of which 290,000 sq. ft. is temperature-controlled. Rated Superior by ABI. Central alarm security and fully sprinklered. Complete computer support, location system, lot control, recall capability, bar coding, RF, EDI, and ASN UCC128 labeling. Professionals in grocery products, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, alcoholic beverages, appliances, electronics, and paper. Offer substantial savings in local consolidation, local delivery, cross-docking, warehousing, pool distribution, and value-added services such as pick-pack and display assembly.

BNSF and KCS rail.

Modern Warehousing Facilities

With over 40 years experience, Metro Park provides superior service to Fortune 500 companies who rely on our technologically advanced food-grade distribution facilities to maintain or enhance their competitive market advantage by lowering costs, improving customer service, increasing sales and optimizing valuable company resources. Modern facilities totaling over 1,890,000 square feet and dedicated personnel make Metro Park the distribution leader in Kansas City, Missouri.

Value Added Warehousing Services

MetroPark Warehouses, LLC provides value by meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations to achieve service, cost and quality performance goals by establishing specific standards with our customers and developing detailed action plans to achieve our mutual goals on a proactive basis.

We deliver on our service, cost and quality commitments by:

  • Selecting, training and motivating our personnel with a sense of urgency and excellence
  • Measuring our performance and implementing ways to improve
  • Utilizing comprehensive information technology systems, EDI, RF, and barcode scanning
  • Maintaining our facilities to outstanding sanitation, security and safety standards
  • Providing value-added services such as shrink wrapping and store display assembly
  • Giving our customers a Central U.S. market presence and just-in-time service with our local delivery, freight consolidation and rail cross-dock programs
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