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Fulfillment Warehousing Services

TeamDCA members operate 30 million+ square feet of warehouse space supported by state-of-the-science systems and decades of team experience achieving customer objectives in each regional market. Nationwide, member companies are extending services well beyond ‘traditional’ warehousing, and working with customers to fulfill B2B and B2C orders, packaged as required, shipped on time and delivered as promised. Using systems evolved over the years we provide visibility to your orders and 24/7 tracking. 

Our 11 Regional Member locations add value by providing 30 million square feet of:

  • Dry/Heated/Temp Controlled/Refrigerated Warehouse Space
  • Food Grade Facilities, AIB Approved/Certified
  • 24/7 Security
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Central Station Fire Alarm
  • Rail Sidings

Fulfillment Operations

For major customers in certain markets, the DCA member company operates the entire outsourced chain of events from taking the initial order, through picking the materials from inventory, packaging to specific, defined requirements, shipping out or distributing direct to consumer, and providing needed visibility and tracking all along the way. (See Transportation Management for more information on how member companies achieve distribution via a combination of asset based and brokered transportation services in various markets.)

Cohesive fulfillment services like this require investment, training and development of our teams. And we’ve been committed for years to developing that excellence.  Many of our member companies operated warehouse management systems (WMS), transportation management systems (TMS) and proprietary software to facilitate the process.  

How can we help you fulfill your customers’ expectations?  

  • Labeling/Poly-bagging/Collating
  • Point of Sale/Promotional Displays
  • Sorting
  • Pick ‘N Pack
  • Shrink-wrap/Bundling/Gluing
  • Rework, Return Goods Processing
  • Kitting, Assembly
  • Product Sampling/Inspection
  • Special Product Handling

Fulfillment Operations

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