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Introducing DCA’s New Regional GEO Series

The Distribution Centers of America, Team DCA, is a nationwide network of ‘regional best’ 3PLs, which together serve every major metropolitan market in the USA. Throughout 2022, we will look at trends, challenges and important happenings in each of the regional geographic (geo) markets served by Team DCA.

Southwestern Logistics Trends & Challenges

The Southwest region is an important business center in the United States. Including Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and Southern California, the region is a hotspot for supply chain activity. Recent events have made the Southwest even more essential than ever.

The pandemic and the subsequent surge in e-commerce has created a spike in industrial demand nationwide. New capital is “flooding into the industrial market, lured by the phenomenal growth over the last year and the promise of more to come”.

Team DCA Warehousing and Distribution Centers:

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