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DCA Spotlights Texas Region and Palmer Logistics


Texas Business is Booming!

Business is exceptionally strong at present. Texas is a pro-business state and we continue to see manufacturing and service industries relocating to our state. This drives migration into the state resulting in construction and higher demand for goods, which results in exponential demand for distribution-related services. In addition to domestic demand, the Port of Houston provides an excellent alternative for both import and export goods. With extensive infrastructure, solid labor relations, capacity, and a willingness to grow, Texas will continue to attract international business. With great distribution space capacity and a vibrant workforce, Texas has the ability to continue its meteoric growth trend.

Core Industries Strong: Chemicals, Construction, Foods and Unprecedented Demand for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Business to consumer tends to remain the strongest growth area due to the trend towards a fulfillment-driven economy. But across the board, nearly every industry sector is strong right now and moving higher than typical volumes. Palmer is focused on serving its traditional core sectors, the chemicals, food, and construction industries. All of these industries are experiencing very solid demand and projected growth for the next 12+ months.

Palmer LogisticsInvesting in Technology Solutions for Competitive Advantage

Our business is great. We are focused on implementing greater technological solutions to help us achieve greater productivity in an extremely tight labor market. The technology will also enable data superiority which will translate to a competitive advantage for our customers.

Sustainability Means Community Focus – Palmer Values Drive Partnership Against Human Trafficking

In addition to our business focus on technology, data, and productivity, Palmer Logistics has always been highly community focused. As an Ecovadis-rated organization, we take our commitment to sustainability very seriously. We’ve prioritized action against the scourge of human trafficking within our state. We have certified with the state in the Texas Businesses Against Trafficking (TBAT) partnership, and provide all of our employees training on human trafficking. Palmer Logistics is also partnered with a local 501c3 organization, Project Protect Our Children, that delivers human trafficking prevention education and training for local K-12 schools.

Our Values: Service, Trust, Integrity and Respect

“I realized a long time ago that I am in the business of selling trust even more than distribution services. Anyone can lease an industrial building, rent forklifts, and call themselves a 3PL warehouse. Ultimately our customers choose us because they trust that we will deliver on the commitments we make on the front end. That is why our core values at Palmer Logistics are service, trust, integrity and respect. If our culture exudes those core values, then we will honor our commitment to all stakeholders (employees, customers, vendors). If we never break that bond of trust, then we will find successful, collaborative relationships in all that we do!”
– Brett Mears, President of Palmer Logistics

Brett Mears
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