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Regional Spotlight – Mid-Atlantic

Larry Smith, VP Business Development

Founded in 1845, Belts Logistics is the seventh oldest family-owned company in Baltimore, Maryland.  DCA’s member company for the Mid-Atlantic region, Belts is Maryland’s most experienced warehousing and distribution company, and central to the successful growth of this region as an adaptive and thriving logistics hub. Belts Logistics now operates three facilities and is scaling up as demand for services  — and dedicated space — continues to grow.

In a recent interview, Belts Logistics VP Business Development, Larry Smith, shares his insights on trends affecting logistics in the nation and Mid-Atlantic particularly, sectors showing steadiest growth, and the key drivers of Belts’ success at staying ahead of the curve. Read below for highlights of the culture and practices that make this Team DCA member company the leader in logistics and trade services for the greater Mid-Atlantic region.

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with Belts Logistics Services VP Business Development, Larry Smith.

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