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Palmer Logistics Joins DCA Bringing 3mil Sq Ft Warehouse Capacity In Houston And Dallas, TX

Palmer Logistics Joins DCA Bringing 3mil Sq ft Warehouse Capacity in Houston and Dallas, TX

Chicago, IL. – Distribution Centers of America (DCA) today announced that Palmer Logistics, headquartered in Houston, TX has joined the nationwide network of ‘regional best 3PLs’ effective January 1, 2022.

Palmer operates 13 facilities in Houston, TX and Dallas, TX, providing more than 3 million square feet of warehouse capacity. Founded in the mid-1960s Palmer has become a leading service provider to the chemicals industry and the many industry sectors to which it contributes, with deep relationships and experience, from food and beverage to pharmaceutical and industrial manufacturing.

Brett Mears, president of Palmer Logistics says his company has nearly tripled in size over the past decade by offering flexible, value-added warehousing solutions and creating strong, collaborative relationships with clients. Says Mears, “The values and character of the Distribution Centers of America (DCA) perfectly align with our own. Palmer Logistics is proud to serve as DCA’s regional service provider for the Southwestern US and Houston and Dallas, TX in particular.”

“We are very excited to have as successful a family business as Palmer Logistics join our national network of ‘regional best’ 3PLs and we’re looking forward to continued growth in 2022 and beyond.” said DCA president Mike Holland.

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