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March 2018 Newsletter


Ecommerce: Dramatic Changes in Warehousing and Distribution

Ecommerce is driving retailers to rethink their strategies from the ground up. Gone are the days when all products were distributed in bulk, with cases or containers of goods being picked, packed, shipped, and transported. Now single items must be picked and packed then shipped in small volumes or as individual pieces. This translates into dramatic changes in warehousing and distribution.



8 Common Leadership Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Being a leader comes with a host of responsibilities, including handling workplace issues and setting a good example. You’re often held to high expectations as the person in charge and managing an entire team of people can be intimidating. However, no one is perfect; there is always room to learn and grow, and to help your employees do the same. Here are eight common mistakes that many leaders struggle with and how to fix them.



5 Differences in How Male and Female Recruiters Evaluate Candidates

Ever wonder whether male and female recruiters evaluate candidates equally? According to Jobvite 2017 Recruiter Nation Report, men are more visual when it comes to evaluating talent, while women more often judge on credentials. Here’s what the study found:

  • Male recruiters (30%) tend to pay more attention to appearance/personal style than females (23%) and enthusiasm (66% vs. 60%)
  • Male recruiters (29%) are more likely than female recruiters (22%) to disqualify a candidate because they are dressed too casual for an interview
  • Male recruiters are significantly more likely (32%) to look at candidates’ photos before meeting them than female recruiters (20%)
  • Male recruiters (12%) are more likely to be negatively influenced by selfies on social media than female recruiters (5%). The study also looked at recruiter attitudes about job candidate’s use of selfies and social media
  • Female recruiters (25%) are more likely than male recruiters (18%) to care about a candidate’s college major and references (35% vs. 29%)


Industrial Real Estate Land Prices Up

A wise man once remarked that a rising tide lifts all boats, and the warehouse and distribution center real estate market is expected to remain buoyant throughout the rest of this year after having experienced an especially strong 2017. This growth has caused other concerns to surface.

“Escalating land prices are a big reason why new supply of U.S. warehouses and distribution centers hasn’t kept pace with strong demand in recent years,” observes David Egan, CBRE’s Global Head of Industrial & Logistics Research.

Food Sales Drive C-Store Growth

A survey conducted by the National Association of Convenience Stores of its members backs up research showing that more people are doing their food shopping at these establishments.

And it’s not just Slim Jims and YooHoos they’re buying these days. More than two in three convenience retailers (69%) said that foodservice sales increased last year, and 61% said that sales of “better-for-you” items – such as fruits and vegetables, yogurt, nuts, health bars – experienced sales gains.

Retailers also predicted emerging trends for 2018. Kombucha drinks will continue to grow, as will new programs for home delivery. New payment methods also will be a top trend.

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