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The years of award-winning experience…the unparalleled know-how…the complete capabilities…the total commitment. This is what’s behind the fully integrated logistics services of Port Jersey Logistics, where our customers’ needs are consistently met on-time and on-budget. Some might call this approach “customer-focused.” We just like to call it “Partnershipped.”

How is business generally in your DCA region, with the economy in recovery?

In the Northeast, the market is absolutely booming! Real estate capacity is scarce, so any available warehouse space is immediately gobbled up. Major retailers, manufacturers and branded product companies have added space in our area, from Amazon to Blue Apron and Wayfair. All these fulfillment centers require labor, which translates to solid employment levels and general economic health for this area. Companies are beginning to invest in setting up fulfillment operations in densely populated urban areas so they can service the greatest number of consumers at the shortest distance. Port Jersey’s logistics facilities are all operating at full capacity, which presents us the opportunity to upgrade our portfolio and explore opportunities to expand our footprint.

Our warehousing and transportation services are both thriving. And we’ve recently completed a major, strategic initiative around our leadership structure, which is already making an impact. Now we can focus more clearly on how we’re approaching our customers, the market in general and how to continually add value for our partners. It’s a powerful thing to focus on the strategic side of the business and to be looking at things proactively. We are looking years out, laying the foundation for growth and continuing to build a company that people want to work for. It’s been very time consuming, with many moving parts and is coming together beautifully.

Port Jersey Warehouse

How is your company’s business? Are certain market sectors or types of companies rebounding faster than others?

Business in general is great. We focus on providing solutions to customers in our sweet spot, which is food and beverage products and consumer packaged goods. These industries have remained strong as consumers have continued to spend on small luxuries like specialty food items while cutting back on larger items to try and save more. This has resulted in a positive impact for many of our customer that import food from around the world for which we’ve developed tailored logistics solutions to help distribute throughout the entire United States, the US Northeast or especially within New Jersey. Port Jersey brings value to the table for mid-sized manufacturers that might have a resource strain in their own company. Many of our customers look to outsource warehousing, transportation and logistics operations to a company like ours with the resources and technology to make their lives easier, so they can focus on marketing and selling their products, which creates a win-win equation for our businesses.


Is there an initiative or new focus area you would like to emphasize?

Expansion and growth really sums it up. We’re looking to expand not only our footprint, but also our service offering. Our Value-Added Service offering has expanded tremendously over the past 5 years and we continue to look for new opportunities to expand it further. With the changing means of getting product to market, our fulfillment solutions have been an area where we’re continuing to focus on further developing. We’re always interested in identifying the right partner(s) to expand our footprint a bit further north, closer to the New York / New Jersey port, further south closer to Philadelphia or even western Jersey into Pennsylvania. For us it’s about finding the right partners with whom to take that next step. The focus on delivering reliably for food and beverage and consumer packaged goods companies throughout the Northeast is absolutely staying constant.

Port Jersey Warehouse

Any final thoughts?

For Port Jersey Logistics, it comes down to transparency – we are going to be up front with what we are and are not capable of doing, what our intentions are, and how we approach, serve and delight our customers. What we say is what we do – we don’t try to sell you on something. We focus on understanding what we do well, educating our customers on the processes that allow that to happen, working with those customers to understand their challenges and then consistently exceed their expectations.

The one thing that has helped set us apart from our competition is our focus retailer compliance, whether it’s on the transportation with our Continental Logistics operation or on warehousing side with our Tyler Distribution facilities. Over the past year, there have been several cases in which Port Jersey has flown in customers to show them the inner workings of our operation, and particularly, what happens in processes such as receiving, picking, packaging and distributing orders for retailers like Amazon or Wal-Mart, on which we’re constantly working to reduce order lead times. Retailers are pushing for reducing lead times down to a single day, but sometimes based on the routing process involved, it could take two days or longer. Other retailers have specific compliance requirements for food products which require lot-specific labels, or multiple touch points in their routing portal which can require us to handle the product or process multiple times, which delays the process, cutting into that critical delivery window. On the transportation side, there are retailer appointment scheduling portals, restricted delivery hours, carrier preferences and of course federal regulations which all need to be adhered to while ensuring on-time damage free deliveries. Knowing, understanding and adhering to all of this can be a challenge for companies with limited resource, which is why they choose to partner with Port Jersey Logistics.

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