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Cathy Monson, CEO, States Logistics

Cathy Monson, CEO, States Logistics

Cathy Monson, CEO of States Logistics, leads the company with a vision to be the ‘best of the best’ within their customers’ distribution networks.   Since founded by her father, Richard May in 1958, States Logistics Services has understood that successful organizations depend on the high performance of their supply chain.

Through a wide range of third party logistics services from warehousing and transportation to value added services and fulfillment, States is able to deliver the capabilities that have taken their clients’ supply chains to the ‘next level’ performance.  With operations in Southern California and Phoenix, Arizona, States Logistics has become the premier 3PL provider in the Southwestern US.

Shared interest

States Logistics is responding to challenges and opportunities in the Southwestern market through continued creativity in adjusting and developing rates and providing new value added services such as assembly, direct store delivery and inventory management.  All employees are invested in the company through shared ownership in the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) begun in 2003. Currently, the ESOP owns nearly 30% of the company. The employees are consistently recognized by customers for their excellence in service and ingenuity, key qualities of an engaged owner. States Logistics continually explores ways to expand involvement with various partner associations.

Clif BarPartnering with Clif Bar at a recent Alternate Energy and Transportation Expo, enabled States Logistics to promote “Green Initiatives” and raise funds to donate to the Alzheimer’s Association.


Sustainability is a driving force at States Logistics Services, Inc.  They recently installed a solar array at headquarters which provides most of the energy needed to run the facility, and have converted to energy saving lights, recycling and sustainable transportation.  Two recent initiatives further enhance the company’s role as a good steward of its community and our world:

BioDiesel Fuel Powers Fleet

The transportation fleet now uses a biodiesel fuel blend, a clean burning alternative produced from domestic, renewable resources.  Each biodiesel powered tractor is the equivalent of removing 18.6 cars from the road each day.  Other dramatic metrics include:

  • 100% decrease in the amount of sulfates released into the atmosphere,
  • 75% decrease in carbon dioxide emissions
  •  90% decrease in nitrated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons,
  •  67% decrease in total unburned hydrocarbons.

In addition, States has reduced its dependence on traditional sources of energy by focusing on the production of solar power at its new facility in Arizona as well as theBuena Park operations.

 Giving back

“We have been able to truly help those in need, and provide an experience/opportunity for our employees to serve others – an experience our employees have shared that is personally transforming.”

Cathy Monson, CEO
States Logistics

Clif BarStates encourages giving back to its communities through volunteering. Employees volunteer hundreds of hours each quarter on company sponsored activities such as participation in the Alzheimer’s Walk, The Tigermountain Foundation, Hands on Greater Phoenix, Mc Feast Thanksgiving Day Food & Toy Drive (Done with local McDonalds ownership), Disney’s Give a Day, Get A Day, as well as working at local food banks and collecting food, goods and clothing for various organizations.

Over the past three years, States Logistics has participated with “In Good Company,” (a Clif Bar Foundation) and sponsored 12 employees to embark on a journey of service in its local/national communities.  The sponsorship involves paying the employee’s wages for one week, and covering all travel related expenses.  In turn, employees have offered their time and talents to help rebuild neighborhoods in areas like New Orleans after hurricane Katrina, the gulf coast regions after the devastating oil spill, Oakland, CA’s inner city, and Indian reservations in Arizona.

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